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Students at Novicell

Student employee, Internship & Master Thesis

When you walk down the halls here at Novicell, you will meet a lot of students – and we’re very happy about that. We are experiencing great value in continuously working with students because they have a unique way of being updated on the latest research in their field and because we love to expand our in house knowledge.

As a student at Novicell, you are guaranteed to learn something that you won’t on your study programme – regardless of whether you’re here as a student employee, as an intern, or are writing a paper here. You work on real projects, with real customers and with lots of responsibility. Furthermore, Novicell is a great place to broaden your network within the digital industry – through colleagues, business partners and customers.

Become a part of the team

Throughout the year, we have a lot of fun and exciting events, both professional at work and informal outside work. As a student at Novicell, you are part of all of it – everything from the Friday bar to participating in the movie club and biking team! And our lunch is also quite good ;-)

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The options

We have offers for those who have just started university and for those who are almost done.

Read more about our different opportunities below – and hopefully we will meet in the future!

Student job

Strengthen your competencies with practical experience that goes beyond the books.

This is what our student workers say

To become a student worker at Novicell was one of the best (career) decisions I have ever made. The learning curve was steep from day one, and the colleagues were not afraid of giving me responsibility and independent tasks – but of course they were always ready to give advice, help and guidance. I never felt alone. My student job landed me the position as Online Marketing Consultant at Novicell’

Nana Nørlund Rasmussen, Online Marketing Consultant 

‘I can remember how easy it was for me to become a part of the team when I started working here, and the many social activities played a big role. Novicell also offers a lot of employee benefits such as team activities, amazing lunch, a great bar in the basement and a lot more.

Cristian Aurelian Leahu, Web Developer

'It can be difficult to convince a future employer that you are good enough. Here, you have the chance to show what you can do – and get a job!’

Peter Holm, 1. place in Geek Challenge in 2013