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Students at Novicell

Student employee, Internship & Master Thesis

When you walk down the halls here at Novicell, you will meet a lot of students – and we’re very happy about that. We are experiencing great value in continuously working with students because they have a unique way of being updated on the latest research in their field and because we love to expand our in house knowledge.

As a student at Novicell, you are guaranteed to learn something that you won’t on your study programme – regardless of whether you’re here as a student employee, as an intern, or are writing a paper here. You work on real projects, with real customers and with lots of responsibility. Furthermore, Novicell is a great place to broaden your network within the digital industry – through colleagues, business partners and customers.

Become a part of the team

Throughout the year, we have a lot of fun and exciting events, both professional at work and informal outside work. As a student at Novicell, you are part of all of it – everything from the Friday bar to participating in the movie club and biking team! And our lunch is also quite good ;-)

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The options

We have offers for those who have just started university and for those who are almost done.

Read more about our different opportunities below – and hopefully we will meet in the future!

Student job

Strengthen your competencies with practical experience that goes beyond the books.

Are you a student?

... and are you interested in hearing more about what it is like being a student worker in Novicell? Then contact me!